IIRC Book Publication

IIRC Press

In addition to journal publications, International Independent Research Consortium (IIRC) is also supporting book authors for publishing their books. IIRC has a collaborative publication platform which will help the potential author to review the book material, and publish it either in digital form or print

IIRC Press E-Book Program

International Independent Research Consortium (IIRC) Bangalore is in collaboration with 3rd party co-publishing partners, publishes e-books and partner will pay royalty to authors. The IIRC e-book program employs the same principles that 3rd parties already uses to distribute royalties from its subscription options. From the net receipts of IIRC e-book subscription licenses, a royalty pool will be reserved to pay all authors whose books are included in the subscription package. Author shares will vary for each individual according to the list price of his or her book and the royalty rate specified in his or her original contract.

IIRC Press Printed Books

IIRC has no difference for print and digital books. Both cases royalty plans will remain as same. Based on the 3rd party agreement, royalty will be provided to the author. IIRC will reserve a small margin.

Procedure for book publication with IIRC

Authors can contact to IIRC press for both digital and print editions of their books. Manuscript review will be done by highly qualified and experience professionals from IIRC panel. Important points to proceed with book publication are:

  • Author should prepare the table of content for the book
  • Prepare a summary of the book in 2-3 paragraphs
  • Prepare a list of targeted users of books such as industry, nature of study, or job etc
  • Estimate approximate number of copies will be required by the industry
  • Write in 2-3 short paragraphs on the requirement of such a book in the industry.
  • List out a few competitors having same book or similar content with details, including ISBN numbers
  • Send the complete information as a single document with minimal formatting